Between now and 2020, construction on 200 – 250 kilometers of major roads, water drainage and concentrated wastewater treatment facilities in 16 coastal economic zones will be completed.

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Up to 200 – 220 kilometers of major roads in 21 border economic zones will be built, including nine key border economic areas with huge exports-imports. Others include wastewater treatment facilities for 35 - 40 industrial zones and 30 - 35 industrial clusters in poor and extremely poor areas and rainwater drainage and electricity supply for three high-tech areas and six high-tech agricultural areas.

The project costs nearly VND 21 trillion (USD 930 million), more than VND 16.67 trillion of which was from the State budget and the remaining from local budget and other sources.

The Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Planning and Investment to appraise and allocate State funding for projects for 2016-2020 and each year, and partner with the Finance Ministry to review the progress of projects under the program and report to the Prime Minister each year.

Source: VNA