The conference will be held in both in-person and online formats, expecting to attract crowds of representatives from agricultural businesses from many countries and territories.

For more than a decade, this conference has served as an important business-to-business platform and an prominent highlight in the Crop Calendars for Southeast Asia.

Packaging carrot products for export at the Hai Duong-based Duc Chinh agricultural service cooperative (Photo for illustration)

Delegates will focus their discussion on issues related to the integration of sustainability and innovation for future agriculture development. They will join sessions to provide the latest market updates and information on the agricultural sector.

They will not only analyze current challenges but also jointly envision and propose a future direction for the agriculture and food sectors in Southeast Asia.

The conference is hoped to provide an opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to approach and learn about this cooperation journey and connections, thus getting more business opportunities in the future.

Organizers said that ASCA offers a venue for connecting and promoting trade discussions and business prospects for agricultural products from the US as well as many other countries.

The VCCI said participants should be agricultural importers and exporters; providers of transportation, logistics and other services on grain trade; businesses specializing in food, animal feed and agriculture; and purchasing and quality control specialists for government and private entities, grain and transportation analysts, and agribusiness consultants.

Source: VNA