According to Medas, despite rising geopolitical instability on the globe, Vietnam’s economy experienced a growth rate of 5.66% in the first quarter of this year. Exports continue to see an upward trend, facilitating overall growth until the end of this year.

Vietnam is an enticing destination for foreign investors.

He forecast that Vietnam’s economic growth is predicted to expand by nearly 6% this year thanks to the recovery of domestic demand and the Government's support fiscal policies. However, Vietnam needs to have a flexible fiscal policy to cope with risks and ensure substantial growth, he noted.

The expert said that the country continues to receive a large volume of foreign direct investment amidst the shifting of supply chains to Asia and Vietnam is one of the investment destinations for foreign investors.

Nevertheless, to remain its attractiveness, Vietnam should continue to improve its business environment, streamline administrative procedures, develop infrastructure, especially for green energy development, and promote innovation, he added.

Source: VNA