These enterprises included the GE Group, CFM International, AviaWorld LCC, Cantor Fitzgerald, Weidner Asset Management Steelman Partners, DeLong, Valero, AGP, and UPC Group.

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc (second from left) receives leaders of the U.S. enterprises.

President Phuc, who has been in New York to attend the high-level debate of the U.N. General Assembly's 76th session, said that Vietnam treasures and wants to further develop its comprehensive partnership with the U.S. in a more practical, stable and long-term manner.

Vietnam is determined to accelerate comprehensive and synchronous economic reforms and improve its business environment for foreign enterprises to expand their operations, he said.

The State leader highly evaluated U.S. companies investing in Vietnam and shared their difficulties amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Vietnamese Government is urgently carrying out a series of measures to put the epidemic under control, sustain supply chains, and recover production, he said.

President Phuc said investment, cooperation, and experience-sharing activities of U.S. companies, particularly AviaWorld LLC and GE, have contributed significantly to Vietnam’s economic growth and development of its aviation sector.

He also welcomed U.S. investors like Cantor Fitzgerald, Weidner Resort/Gaming Asset Management Steelman Partners, DeLong, Valero and AGP Group to study the Vietnamese market.

Representatives of the U.S. firms thanked the Vietnamese Government for its assistance to U.S. companies operating in the nation over the past time and highly evaluated its commitments.

They said Vietnam is a dynamic market with a lot of potential and hoped to expand their business and investment in the Southeast Asian country.

Source: VNA