Hoa Binh farmers harvest two crops of chili peppers each year with an output of 30-40 tons per hectare thanks to favorable conditions in climate and soil for chili pepper farming.

At the event to send pickled chili peppers to the RoK (Photo: nhandan.vn)

According to the Plant Protection Sub-Department of Hoa Binh, RoK firms have said that they need 4,000 tons of pickled chili peppers each year. Therefore, the locality plans to expand its chili pepper farming area to about 50 hectares for export, mostly in Luong Son, Lac Son, and Kim Boi districts as well as Hoa Binh city.

Director of the Hoa Binh Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Huy Nhuan said that the export of the first lot of pickled chili peppers to the RoK opens up new hopes for the locality in promoting the export of major agricultural products, while enhancing the confidence of farmers in producing products for international orders.

Hoa Binh has encouraged local businesses to invest in deep processing technologies and supply chains to increase export volume and value, he said.

Nguyen Le Diep, Director of Tien Ngan Trading and Investment Co., Ltd said that the RoK is a potential market with high demand for pickled chili peppers, which is a strength of Hoa Binh.

In 2024, the firm plans to export 150 tons of pickled chili peppers to the RoK, Diep revealed.

Source: VNA