When receiving RoK Ambassador to Vietnam Park Noh-wan on May 21, Hue affirmed that Hanoi has basically put the COVID-19 pandemic under control, which is the outcome of joint efforts between the Government and people, including Koreans living in Hanoi.

Secretary of Hanoi Party Committee Vuong Dinh Hue (R) receives RoK Ambassador to Vietnam Park Noh-wan

The city is working on the dual tasks of preventing the disease and taking economic development measures at the same time, he stated, adding that it aims to maintain a growth pace 1.3 times higher than Vietnam’s average growth rate.

The city leader also asked the Ambassador to coordinate in restoring the supply chain for Vietnamese businesses and Korean businesses operating in Vietnam.

Ambassador Park thanked the city leader’s directions and attention to ensure safety for Koreans living in Hanoi and help Korean enterprises maintain their operations.

Source: VNA