The companies included Mareven Food, Svetprint, Fito Pharma, and other small-and medium-sized enterprises operating in the fields of trade, restaurant, and IT.

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They said their operations, which enjoyed favourable conditions in the past years, have faced several difficulties due to worsening Ukraine-Russia relations and the  impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. A number of them shifted their investment back home, however, the remainders want to sustain business activities in Ukraine, which they consider their second homeland.

Congratulating the firms on their achievements in the host nation, Thach said they are the “locomotive” in pushing the Vietnam – Ukraine relationship in economy and trade thanks to their deep understanding of both markets and desire to connect them.

Suggesting the businesses study new ways to expand the economic and trade ties, the diplomat pledged the embassy’s continued assistance to them in tackling their obstacles during the development process.

Representatives of the participating companies took the occasion to extensively discuss fields where the two countries might step up cooperation in the future, particularly tourism and hi-tech.

They also expressed their wish to fuel the growth of these areas right after the pandemic are put under control.

Source: VNA