Vietnam men's football team in the match against Mongolia at the ASIAD 2023

Four goals for Vietnam were scored by player Quoc Viet in the third and 32nd minutes, Khuat Van Khang in the 41st minutes, and Minh Trong in the 64th minute.

Meanwhile, a mistake by Thai Son created a chance for the Mongolian side to break Vietnam's net in the 47th minute.

In the last minute of the game, Mongolia got another goal from the Vietnamese goal keeper's mistake.

After this match, Vietnam will play Iran on September 21 and Saudi Arabia three days later in Group B.

The two following matches are said to be tougher for Vietnam which is No. 95 in the world ranking while Iran is now No.22 and Saudi Arabia - No.54. Meanwhile, Mongolia, world No.183, is considered the weakest in the Group B.

Because two teams in Group C - Syria and Afghanistan - withdrew, the number of teams competing for the third team with the best performance is only five. With the first three points, Vietnam has an opportunity to win a ticket to the round of eight.

Source: VNA