Fine arts lovers visiting the exhibition

The 10-day event introduces around 100 watercolor and oil paintings by Vincent Monluc over the past five years since the painter came back to Vietnam to join drawing tours in the country.

The paintings reflect the beauty of Vietnam’s landscapes and villages and the daily life of Vietnamese workers. Through his fine arts works, Vincent Monluc wants to convey his love for Vietnam.

According to professional painters’ evaluation, Vincent Monluc's paintings have a very unique feature, with western and eastern cultures intertwined and rich in humanity.

Painter Vincent Monluc was born in November 31, 1952 in Vietnam. When he was 12 years old, Vincent Monluc moved to France. He started drawing at an early age and worked in the animation industry for a long time.    

Talking about the exhibition’s theme, painter Vincent Monluc said that he is fulfilling his life-time dream and desire to paint. The painter has traveled to many countries, but decided to settle down in Vietnam to satisfy the desire. 

For Vincent Monluc, Vietnam always inspires him to explore and place its landscapes and people in his paintings.

Translated by Tran Hoai