With the launch of the technology, the community can enjoy fine art works and visit the museum anytime and anywhere. Amid the social distancing rules, visitors can stay at home, use smartphones or computers with Internet access to freely explore the museum's exhibition space, observe the museum's art works and listen to introduction of various exhibits.

The 3D Tour around the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum allows visitors to explore it remotely.

To enter the tour, visitors can access to https://3d.vnfam.vn/vi (Vietnamese version) or https://3d.vnfam.vn/en (English version) and follow the instructions.

Notably, 100 outstanding exhibits, which are introduced on the multimedia application iMuseum VFA, will be connected to the 3D tours.

According to a representative of the museum, this technology is the result of the efforts of the agency’s staff and the support of domestic and foreign partners, with an aim to spread the love of art and heritage to the community.

Translated by Trung Thanh