PANO - The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Central Commission for Emulation and Rewards opened an exhibition, entitled “President Ho Chi Minh with Patriotic Emulation Movement and National Patriotic Emulation Congresses” on November 23rd at the Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi.

Visitors at the exhibition. (Source: VNA)

On display are nearly 200 photos, documents and objects highlighting three main topics: President Ho Chi Minh - The initiator of the patriotic emulation movement; patriotic emulation movements launched following President Ho Chi Minh’s appeal; and patriotic emulation for a strong, democratic, justice and civilized country with wealthy people.

Moreover, the connection between patriotic emulation movements and other movements, such as “Day for the Poor”, “All people join hands in building new-styled rural areas”, “Studying and Following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example” is also vividly featured in this exhibition.

Translated by Ngoc Bich