PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Lao guest

During a reception in Hanoi on May 14, PM Phuc said during the 40th meeting of the Inter-Governmental Committee, both sides agreed on the 2018 cooperation program and directed ministries and localities to realize it to achieve goals set by the two governments.

He said Vietnam is paying attention to improving the capacity of science-technology staff and infrastructure for scientific studies, including basic and applied sciences in service of socio-economic development.

The PM spoke highly of cooperation between the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and the Lao Ministry of Science and Technology in general, and the Lao National Scientific Institute in particular, especially the outcomes of the first stage of the official development assistance-funded project “Strengthening scientific study capacity and technology for the Lao National Scientific Institute”.

The host asked both sides to continue studying technologies used for Lao socio-economic development as well as implementing research on the mitigation of impacts of natural disasters in the two countries.

PM Phuc said the Vietnamese government will support Laos in carrying out the second stage of the project, firstly improving the capacity of scientists, adding that Vietnam is ready to create favorable conditions for Laos to conduct scientific research in Vietnam and partner with Vietnamese scientists and experts to contribute to Lao socio-economic development.

Boviengkham Vongdara, for his part, expressed wish to continue receiving support of the Vietnamese PM and agencies concerned in the implementation of the project, thus making important contributions to improving research capacity of the Lao National Scientific Institute.

Source: VNA