An orator from Brigade 125 informs students about the nation’s sea and islands-related situations.

At the event, orators from Brigade 125 provided the students with information about recent sea and islands-related situations, forecasting of situations, the Party and State’s views on safeguarding maritime sovereignty of the nation, outcomes in protecting national sea and islands and building the modern Naval Service and Naval Region 2.

Through this dissemination session, students are more aware of the Party and State’s standpoints and policies on the mission of defending sovereignty over national sea and islands of the military, the Naval Service, and Naval Region 2 in the current period. As a result, they will promote their role and responsibilities in disseminating this information and stay ready to carry out the mission of protecting national maritime sovereignty.

More than 3,000 students participate in the dissemination session.

Over the past time, Naval Region 2 in general and Brigade 125 in particular have implemented various measures to innovate and improve the quality of dissemination about national sea and islands, and diversified dissemination methods.

Since 2023 and for the first six months of this year, Naval Region 2 has teamed up with other units to open such a session for over 50,000 people, including Party members, students, and local people with a focus on students in Ho Chi Minh City. These activities have helped raise awareness and responsibilities of organizations, forces, and students for upholding and defending the country’s maritime sovereignty.

Translated by Chung Anh