The village has 30 old-form stilt houses dating  nearly 500 years ago.

According to Ha Van Kiu, four generations of his family have lived in the village. Their daily activities are growing vegetables, picking tea leaves, selling tourism products, and welcoming visitors.

Old-form stilt houses in Thai Hai village

Kiu added that all proceeds are deposited to the village’s common fund and people in the village treat one another like their family members.

As Deputy Director of the reserve Ly Thi Chien said, all people in the village join hands in raising their children and supporting their schooling thanks to a special fund donated by locals. As a result, the village has two children studying in Australia, four others in Singapore, and many at domestic universities and colleges.

Apart from preserving unique cultural features of the Tay ethnic group, the village has developed into a community tourist site thanks to the leadership of the village’s head Nguyen Thi Thanh Hai.

The village yearly welcomes thousands of visitors, and hundreds of tourists have spent days exploring the village.

Let’s visit the village to taste local specialties, live in the typical cultural space of the Tay ethnic group, and experience the locals’ mutual affection.

Translated by Song Anh