PANO – Located 30km from Lai Chau city, Sin Suoi Ho village in Sin Suoi Ho commune, Phong Tho disitrct, Lai Chau province has become a provincial tourism attraction with breathtaking landscapes, delicious dishes, and the hospitality of locals.

Coming to the mountainous locality, visitors have a chance to contemplate beautiful orchid gardens and the breathtaking “Love” waterfall, taste delicious dishes from black chicken and other meat of the H’mong ethnic minority people, sip fine “Tao meo” (a kind of apple in north-western provinces of Vietnam) cider, and take part in folk games and markets of the H’mong people.

The peak tourist season in the village is in summer as the weather is cooler. Visiting the locality in summer, tourists will have a chance to transplant rice on terraced fields, harvest peach, plum, and “tao meo” and catch fish farmed on mountains. In summer, the locality welcomes around 100 tourists a day.


Autumn is the most beautiful season with layers of carpets of golden yellow as rice on large terraced fields is ripe. The breathtaking beauty of the locality attracts people across the country and the world, and those people will have the chance to experience harvesting cardamom.

Recognized as the communal tourism village of Lai Chau province in October, 2015, Sin Suoi Ho has developed many interesting tourism products, including a homestay service. At present, five households in the commune offer the service to visitors. To better serve tourists, they equipped their houses with essential facilities, set up internet connections, and invested in building clean areas.

The village’s head Vang A Chinh said that the mountainous locality of Sin Suoi Ho is considered a “golden land” as it is rich in natural resources to develop agriculture and tourism, which helps locals improve their living standards.

The Secretary of the Party Committee of the commune Giang A Vu said that thanks to the development of tourism and agriculture, per capita income in the commune in 2015 reached VND 11 million, a VND 3.5 million increase in comparison with the previous year. Sin Suoi Ho ranked the first among 11 villages in the commune in terms of per capita income.

Translated by Tran Hoai