The summer is coming and it is the right season for nature-loving tourists to conquer roads in the Northwestern region, enjoy brilliant beauty of the nature in the summer sun and freely explore the colorful local culture.

Rhododendron flowers are brilliant in the middle of the mountain, creating a beautiful scene like in a fairy tale.

Holding the characteristics of the Northwestern region and possessing many natural “privileges,” Sa Pa in Lao Cai province has long been a favorite tourist destination. The summer here with cool and pleasant climate pleases any visitors and brings them experiences with nature and diverse and unique cultural features.

Visiting Sa Pa in summer is like coming to the paradise of a thousand flowers. It is rare to find a place in the Northwestern region that gathers all the most beautiful and quintessential flowers like here. Of the flower varieties here, the most special one is “do quyen” (rhododendron) flower, typical in Hoang Lien Son range. Visiting Hoang Lien National Park on this occasion, visitors will have a chance to see red rhododendron in full bloom.

Seeing rhododendron flowers will be more attractive if visitors combine it with exploring “the Roof of Indochina.” Rhododendron flower in early April blooms from dry branches that grow on cliffs and halfway up the sky at an altitude of more than 2,000m, weaving into beautiful colorful flower carpets.

Roses are also a specialty of Sa Pa.

This year, rhododendron, especially the yellow one, has bloomed earlier than usual. The frost appearing suddenly on the morning of April 2 gave visitors to Fansipan an opportunity to see rhododendron flower blooming in the ice, creating a surprisingly beautiful scene. The  flower is expected to be in full bloom on the Southern Liberation and Reunification Day (April 30) and International Labor Day (May 1), promising to giving visitors exciting experiences in viewing early summer flowers.

April and May are also the time for Sa Pa climbing roses to bloom, apart from rhododendron blossoms. The booming time of Sa Pa climbing rose is quite short. On the occasion of the Southern Liberation and Reunification Day, this kind of flower is in its full bloom.

Minh Tu, a worker in charge of taking care of the scenery at Sun World Fansipan Legend tourist site said that this year's Sa Pa climbing rose will bloom earlier and more brilliantly than last year. Climbing rose arches at Fansipan are full of buds and from April 20, they will start to bloom simultaneously with many other types of roses.

A garden of Arum blossoms

As revealed by the tourist site, this year's Fansipan rose festival is expected to take place from April 23 to May 23 with many interesting activities with the theme of flowers such as rose parade, a "Horses in the clouds" race on the rose race track, and flower performances. To prepare for the upcoming big holidays, the tourist site has planted more than 4,000 climbing roses and more than 1.5 hectares of Sa Pa ancient roses and other imported ones. This largest ever flower festival in the Northwestern region will create an opportunity for visitors to have wonderful moments in the Guinness record flower valley.

Together with rhododendron flowers and roses, visitors will also enjoy many other special flowers such as sakura, Arum, zonal geranium, begonia, to name but a few, in full blossom.

Translated by Mai Huong