Central Quang Nam province will introduce its special culture and tourism potentials at the biggest ever Tourism Culture Week slated for the end of November in Hanoi , a provincial official said.

Deputy Director of the provincial Culture, Sports and Tourism Department Ho Tan Cuong said that the two world cultural heritage sites - My Son relics and Hoi An ancient town – and the cultures of mountainous ethnic people will be introduced at the event.

Quang Nam will showcase Thanh Ha porcelains, Ma Chau silk, Ban Thach mats and Kim Bong carpentry and Phuoc Kieu bronze casting products among its traditional craft products.

The week will also include Quang Nam’s traditional costume show, folk arts and games performance as well as the introduction of the provincial gastronomic arts with its specialties, such as “Cao Lau” (pork noodle soup), “banh beo” (bloating fern-shaped cakes) and “banh bao” and “banh vac” (white rose).

Apart from the two world cultural heritage sites, Quang Nam is home to hundreds of historical and cultural sites and ethnic-imbued culture.

According to the statistics of Quang Nam ’s tourism sector, the province has welcomed around 200,000 tourists each month since the start of the year. Despite the A/H1N1 flu epidemic, 212,000 tourists flocked to Quang Nam in August.

Cuong said that his province will continue implementing advertisement campaigns in local and foreign markets, organise promotion programmes at hotels and restaurants and develop tours to traditional craft villages, in a bid to lure more visitors.

Source: VNA