Y Ty commune in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province is famous for its majestic and unspoiled natural beauty, traditional culture and people.

Y Ty market is located in the center of the commune and usually held on every Saturday. In the summer, the market opens early, attracting many people, especially from 6:00-7:00a.m. However, in other seasons of the year, people usually go to the market after 8:00a.m. Most of visitors are attracted by agricultural products of Ha Nhi ethnic minority people, such as vegetables, beans, peppers, and ginger.

Y Ty market is located in the center of the commune and usually held on every Saturday.

Ms. Ly Lo Bo from Lao Chai village, Y Ty commune said, “Because the market only gathers once a week, dry goods such as peanuts, beans, ginger, chili... are all prepared the day before at home by local vendors, while green vegetables are picked early at around 5:00a.m. of the market day and brought to the market. Most of the green vegetables are sold out at the market.

People in Bat Xat district go to the market not only to buy or sell, but also to meet their friends as well as share experience in daily life.

Most of visitors are attracted by agricultural products.

Ms. Le Kim Anh from Hanoi held that this was her first time coming to Y Ty commune and going to the market with the locals. Visitors here can enjoy fresh air and feel relaxed, which is in contrast to the fast pace of life in the city.

Previously, due to poor traffic conditions, Y Ty market only sold local agricultural products and some necessities. In recent years, thanks to the care of the Party and State, the roads connecting the center of Bat Xat district to Y Ty commune have been expanded and upgraded, creating favorable conditions for local residents to develop tourism. In addition, there are various products for visitors at the Y Ty market.

Mr. To Van Thanh, Head of Economy - Infrastructure Department of Bat Xat district noted that the Y Ty market will be upgraded to both promote trading activities and create a space to preserve the traditional market of Ha Nhi ethnic minority people.

Source: Baobienphong

Translated by Minh Anh