As the two holidays are quite close together, their customers were more likely to choose trips in Vietnam or to the ASEAN region for the New Year, and to farther destinations for the lunar New Year.

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According to tour operator Lien Bang Travelink, Taiwan (China), the Republic of Korea and Japan are its top destinations for the lunar holiday, while tours to Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia during the upcoming New Year have been fully booked. The company said there are a few vacancies left in domestic tours to Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Phu Yen and Da Lat.

The Viet Media Travel Corporation reported that since middle November, there has been a large number of tourists registering a lunar holiday in Europe, the US or Australia.

Tran Thi Viet Huong, a marketing representative from travel firm Viettravel, said purchasing power recorded for the New Year season just inched up a little compared to earlier forecast.

Viettravel has sold out most of its overseas journeys. It will continue offering domestic tours with various promotions and discounts.

Source: VNA