The plan’s objectives are to enforce legal provisions on fisheries in a concerted and effective manner, and address all shortcomings and limitations as recommended by the E.C. in order to have its “yellow card” warning removed within 2023.

It aims to unify awareness, actions and engagement of the whole political system in IUU fishing prevention and control. Heads of Party committees, Party organizations and authorities at all levels are requested to directly lead, instruct, and take main responsibility for this work, considering it an urgent and prioritized political task.

Fishing vessels anchor at a wharf in Ha Tien city, Kien Giang province

The plan of action also highlights the importance of the management of exploitation and sustainable development of the fisheries sector for the benefits of the people and the country; and increasing Vietnam’s international position, image and responsibility in the implementation of international commitments and treaties in the protection of the marine environment and sustainable marine ecosystems, thus contributing to ensuring national defense and security, and sovereignty.

To achieve these targets, the plan requires relevant ministries, sectors, and localities to review and make lists of all fishing vessels, and complete the registration, marking of vessels, license issuance, installation of vessel monitoring system (VMS) according to regulations.

In addition, all ships will be inspected at border posts/stations when entering or leaving ports to ensure the VMS operates around the clock at sea, and be monitored via VMS while operating at sea. The process of verifying and certificating the origin of seafood must be carried out in accordance with the guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

From now to May, the plan aims to end illegally fishing in foreign waters; investigate and handle all cases of Vietnamese fishing vessels being arrested by other countries, and handle and sanction all IUU fishing-related cases, and publicize them on the mass media.

Vietnam will push forward negotiations on delimitation of overlapping and undefined sea area between Vietnam and countries such as China, Malaysia, and other relevant neighboring nations.

It will also intensify international cooperation activities on fisheries, IUU fishing prevention and control, and fishing cooperation with other countries, and regional and international fisheries organizations.

Source: VNA