Nguyen Binh Duong holding his master’s degree after a ceremony hosted by the Vietnamese German University

Passion for mathematics and mechanical engineering has led 27-year -old Nguyen Binh Duong, from the central highland province of Dak Lak, to achieve phenomenal success in his studies.

For being such an excellent student, Duong was given the honour of receiving German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her visit to Vietnam in October last year. 

Duong graduated with an excellent bachelor’s degree with a major in mechanical engineering from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology in 2009.

His desire to increase professional knowledge and his university professor’s advice led him to join the Vietnamese German University (VGU) for a master’s degree.

Duong’s topic for his master’s degree was ‘Modeling polygonisation in single crystals within the continuum dislocation theory’, which was suggested and guided by math’s Professor Le Khanh Chau, who is presently teaching in Germany.

This topic got Duong the highest marks and was published in an international magazine on science and technology in September last year. It was also reported at the Plasticity International Conference hosted in the US in January this year.

Duong says that he chose the subject as it is highly applicable in the study to create materials that serve our life. Specifically, they can be used for making Multi Phase Twin-Induced Plasticity, which is used in the automobile industry.

Duong was an excellent student at the Vietnamese German University. He was honoured to receive German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her business visit to Vietnam in October last year. Former German chancellor Gerhard Schroder also presented him his master’s degree.

After four years in VGU, Duong said that he was very impressed by the friendly and helpful attitude of VGU teachers, who helped Vietnamese students to catch up with the school’s English curriculum.

Besides, the school also created advantageous conditions for students to study some subjects and sit for exams with international students in Germany.

After completing the master’s programme, Duong was sponsored by the German Foundation Research to continue his doctorate in Germany.

His doctoral thesis, developed from the master’s topic, is named ‘Analysis and Numerical Simulations of the plastic deformations of single crystals and TWIP-alloys within continuum dislocation theory’.

Sharing his future plans, Duong said “I think my duty is to try my best to study in order not to betray the feeling of teachers, Vietnamese and German Governments. I will return to my native country to work and help Vietnamese students access advanced technology in world science.”

Source: SGGP