At the VIS’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) convened at the Judge Business School under the University of Cambridge on February 17, Huan emphasised that with its members being professors, doctors, and scientists working in various fields in the U.K. and Ireland, VIS stands ready to provide counselling to the Vietnamese Government in formulating policies tailored to the country's context. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of aligning with global technological trends.

Vietnamese Ambassador to the U.K. Nguyen Hoang Long speaks at the Lunar New Year gathering at Westminster College. 

Last year, VIS significantly facilitated educational collaboration between Vietnam and the U.K. through a mentoring program sponsored by the British Council. Through this initiative, VIS professors directly mentored and advised nearly 100 young lecturers from 50 Vietnamese universities, aiding in their skill development, including publishing studies and international scientific articles, forming research groups, and building internationally accredited laboratories.

A outstanding initiative of VIS in fostering member connection is the Coffee Talk event, an online themed discussion platform where members across the U.K. share insights and experiences on scientific research activities, professional expertise and soft skills. In 2023, VIS held 13 Coffee Talk sessions featuring speakers from various fields.

Also last year, VIS admitted over 60 new members, increasing the total membership to 154. These members include professors, associate professors, senior lecturers and Vietnamese researchers studying or working at over 60 universities in the U.K. and Ireland.

VIS's initiatives also extended to the launch of the Mentorship and Talent Development (MTD) program at the National Economics University in Hanoi in 2022, aimed at supporting talented students. It also collaborated with the British Council to connect researchers from both countries.

The AGM, an annual event, serves as a platform for VIS to review its past activities and chart its course for the future.

Following the meeting, VIS partnered with the Vietnamese Student Association in Cambridge to celebrate the lunar New Year at Westminster College, University of Cambridge.

Source: VNA