Doctor Tran Minh Giang is monitoring the patient's heart rate.

The Singaporean patient, Toh Gae, aged 48, was hospitalized at 00:15 on November 20. He had a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, chronic kidney failure on periodic dialysis and was foaming at the mouth, suffering from respiratory failure, cough and bruise. His heart rate was only 30-40 times per minute, a signal of critical condition.

With his experience, Doctor Tran Minh Giang, deputy head of the ICU department, offered a calcium injection to rescue the patient from hyperkalemia caused by chronic kidney failure.

As a result, the heart began to beat back to the normal rate of over 60 times a minute. The patient escaped death in 60 seconds.

With the normal heart rate, the patient was then transferred to the ICU department for dialysis.

He is recovering now and is able to fly home.

The Singaporean patient is completing discharge procedures.

Waking up from a critical health condition, the Singaporean patient constantly thanked the medical crew of the Emergency and ICU Departments for their efforts to save his life. He said that he has chronic kidney failure and has undergone dialysis for 4 years, 3 times a week. His latest dialysis took place 10 days ago.

Doctor Tran Minh Giang advised patients with kidney failure undergoing periodic dialysis not to go far. If there is an important thing that requires moving, they should go for 3-5 days and bring along a personal dialysis machine, which can filter continuously for 24 hours for life safety.

Translated by Chung Anh