Earlier, the patient, Ou M.Y, was transferred from Lao Cai province’s General Hospital to the Hanoi-based hospital in a critical condition due to a traffic accident.

Doctors of the Vietnam – Germany Friendship Hospital curing a patient (Photo for illustration: VNA)

Immediately, he was given emergency operation, which lasted for six hours.

Thanks to advanced equipment, good skills and great efforts from the hospital’s doctors, the troubled man was saved.

In addition, during his treatment, the hospital’s staff encouraged and helped the patient and his family overcome the barrier of language and created the best conditions for resuscitation, as well as the administrative procedures until he left the hospital to come home.

Reportedly, over the past time, doctors of the Vietnam – Germany Friendship Hospital have saved many foreign patients’ lives.

Source: PAN/ suckhoedoisong

Translated by Minh Anh