Bang directed the Embassy’s consular section to urgently complete necessary procedures for returning the bodies of the victims to the families as soon as possible.

The Vietnamese Association in Thailand has called on its chapters and raised 132,500 Baht (nearly USD 4,200) for the victims’ families. The amount was handed over the same day.

Representatives from Thailand’s CPS company, which employed Vietnamese workers, also offered financial assistance to the victims’ families.

Image of the accident from the traffic camera

The workers’ employer said that the company will pay 50,000 bath (about USD 1,500) for initial fees. The firm will also support the repatriation of each victim with 150,000 bath.

According to the Thai media, the accident occurred in an intersection 150km west of Bangkok. Ten migrant workers were killed in the accident, including five Vietnamese.

The surviving driver of the 16-seater van said it was on way to Phunamron border gate, Myanmar when it was hit by a truck from behind at an intersection without traffic light.

The van later plunged into a roadside canal after the crash.

About 100 search and rescue staff, drivers, public security and army forces were rushed to the scene to search for the victims.

Eight bodies were found, including a pregnant woman. Four others were sent to a nearby hospital.

Source: VNA