The determination was shown at the VRC’s national conference to popularize the resolution which opened on October 17 in a hybrid format.

An overview of the conference

During the three-day conference, 1,600 officials of the Red Cross Associations of 63 provinces and cities are provided with information about new features of the resolution, as well as action plans and programs to realize it.

They are expected to be guided on how to effectively step up communications, carry out key programs such as ‘Safety for poor, underprivileged fishermen,’ and ‘Nutrition for poor, disabled children,’ and ‘Humanitarian Lunar New Year’ campaign.

Under the resolution, in the 2022-2027 period, the VRC aims to support 1 million poor and disabled children as part of a nutrition program for the group, along with fishermen working on board 90,600 vessels, and 1,300 fishing households.

It will also work to build a coordination mechanism in humanitarian activities, develop the contingent of volunteers and form a network of voluntary groups in agencies, organizations, businesses and religious organizations.

Various movements and programs will also be rolled out in the time ahead, further benefiting poor fishermen, and poor and disadvantaged children, among others.

Source: VNA