Dioxin treatment at Bien Hoa air base. (Photo: USAID)

USAID issued the four-year contract for civil works to Vietnamese firm VINA E&C Investment and Construction JSC (VINA E&C).

Under the contract, VINA E&C will complete the excavation of contaminated soil on the air base and prepare it for treatment.

“This contract will complete critical preparatory work, paving the way for the treatment phase of the project. This marks the largest contract yet by USAID to a local Vietnamese organization, as we make a concerted effort to build Vietnamese expertise in this nascent area of environmental health and safety,” Aler Grubbs, USAID/Vietnam Mission Director said in a press release.

USAID and the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defense launched the Bien Hoa decontamination project in April 2019. The two sides are working together to remediate approximately 500,000 cu.m of dioxin-contaminated soil and sediment on and around the Bien Hoa air base.

In June 2022, USAID completed the remediation of the first parcel of land - a community lake located outside of Gate 2. The whole project is expected to take the ministry and U.S. Government 10 years and cost an estimated 450 million USD. The U.S. government’s contribution to date is 163.25 million USD out of a total expected contribution of 300 million USD.

Source: VNA