Coming to the health center of Thanh Liem district, the State leader highly valued the achievements by local medical workers as well as their dedication to the job.

President Vo Van Thuong visits the health station of Thanh Phong commune in Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province, on February 25. 

He said medical establishments at the communal and higher levels have properly carried out the national programs on grassroots health care, vaccination, primary health care, provision of adolescent health advices, screening, and care for patients with chronic illnesses. Particularly, the health center of Thanh Liem joined the entire health system of Ha Nam in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stressing the importance of grassroots health care, President Thuong noted there are over 11,400 commune-level health stations nationwide.

Those facilities are the closest to the people and work in the frontline. If they perform well, a number of diseases will be prevented while patients with severe illnesses reduced, thus helping ease pressure on medical establishments at district, provincial, and national levels and most importantly, cut healthcare costs for people, especially in terms of chronic diseases, he said.

With good performance, grassroots health facilities will help build a sustainable future for the country, he stated.

The leader also expressed empathy with the difficulties and pressure on medical workers, encouraging them to keep exerting efforts to further improve their capacity, uphold a high sense of responsibility, and wholeheartedly care for patients.

He asked medical workers to continue seeking therapies for new diseases, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. He also highly valued the digital transformation at the Thanh Liem health center, asking it to push ahead with the work to further facilitate health examination and treatment.

Besides, President Thuong also told authorities of Ha Nam province and Thanh Liem district to invest more in developing human resources, infrastructure, equipment for grassroots health care.

The same day, he visited and extended congratulations on the Vietnamese Doctors’ Day to medical workers of the health station of Thanh Phong commune, Thanh Liem district.

Source: VNA