An Duong Vuong, succeeding the era of the nation founders Hung Kings, is credited with establishing Au Lac, an ancient state in Vietnam. His strategic vision and unwavering determination in national construction and defense led him to relocate the nation's centre from the Northern mountainous region to the vast and fertile plains where he established the ancient capital, known today as Co Loa.

President Vo Van Thuong and delegates offer incense to King An Duong Vuong.

Through extraordinary efforts, An Duong Vuong and the people of Au Lac completed the construction of the Co Loa Citadel, featuring a unique spiral three-tiered architectural design, within a remarkably short period.

During the visit, President Thuong planted a tree at the site and toured community centers of residential groups in Dong Anh district and the local culture, information and sport centre.

Earlier in the morning, the leader visited and presented gifts to Phuc Loc kindergarten in Uy No commune. Covering an area of over 8,000 sq.m, it is the first public kindergarten in Dong Anh district oriented toward a high-quality preschool model.

Source: VNA