During the recent wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Trade Union 230 members in Ho Chi Minh passed away due to the pandemic. One hundred ninety four children, including 95 under-ten ones, are directly affected by the pandemic’s consequences. So far, the Labor Federation of Ho Chi Minh City has completed essential procedures to hand over savings books to 114 pandemic-affected children in the first phase.

Pandemic-affected children receiving gifts

At the event, the municipal Labor Federation presented 110 savings books, worth VND 10 million each, to 110 pandemic-affected children of Trade Union members and four savings books, worth VND 20 million each, to children strongly affected by the pandemic. In addition, Vietcombank gave VND 5 million each to four strongly pandemic-affected children and VND 1 million each to the rest.

The savings accounts will be opened and handed over to the children when they are 18 years old. Annual interest will be directly transferred to the child's caregivers or guardians’ Vietcombank payment accounts. In addition, trade unions in the city, in collaboration with local departments, socio-political organizations and benefactors will continue supporting activities to help children continue their life and education. 

Speaking at the event, Vice President of the Ho Chi Minh municipal Labor Federation Le Thi Kim Thuy said that Trade Union organizations in the city will continue mobilizing resources to hold more significant activities for children. They will work with partners to sign a cooperation program on presenting computers, sim cards, tablets, and scholarships to pandemic-affected children.

Translated by Tran Hoai