The Mid-Autumn Festival, the 15th day of the eighth lunar month which falls on September 29 this year, is a festival of love and sharing, and also an opportunity for adults to remind themselves to pay more attention to children with love, responsibility and practical actions, he wrote.

An art performance celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival

The State leader called for more efforts to support children in difficult circumstances, orphans, and those living in remote, border and island areas so that all children can fully enjoy the festival and have fun with their family and community.

President Vo Van Thuong said he is moved and proud to see many children performing good deeds, showing love to their parents and grandparents, and helping and sharing with unfortunate peers. Many children have studied hard, recording high achievements and becoming the pride of their family and fatherland.

Children in Hanoi enjoy Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere

He encouraged children to nurture their dreams and wished them a happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2023.

Source: VNA