At the press conference

In particular, there will be a gift presentation ceremony for policy beneficiary families and veterans and a seminar themed “Victory of Tau O post – 50 years of a journey.”

A two-day photo exhibition on the victory will also be held, starting August 25, displaying photos and documents on the victory of Tau O post, Nguyen Hue Campaign, and Binh Phuoc province and Hon Quan district’s achievements in terms of socio-economy, and culture.

An official meeting to mark the 50th anniversary of the victory will take place on August 26 at Tau O Post Relic Site in Tau O street area, Tan Khai townlet, Hon Quan district with the attendance of former and incumbent Party and State leaders, leaders of the General Department of Political Affairs, Military Region 7, Army Corps 4, Division 7 and others. During the meeting, apart from art programs, reports on the victory will be screened.

An official meeting to mark the victory will take place at Tau O Post Relic Site. (Photo: binhphuoc.gov.vn)

According to the press conference’s organizers, the victory of Tau O Post on Road 13 caused heavy damage to the U.S. and Saigon troops. This glorious feat-of-arms of Division 7 under Army Corps 4 and Binh Phuoc's troops and people completely destroyed the enemy’s intention of attacking and encroaching on the liberated area in the Southeastern theater.

In the victories of Tau O post in particular and Nguyen Hue Campaign in general, our troops and people showed high combat determination, bravery, not being afraid of hardships, difficulties, and enemies. In the victory of Tau O post, we won over the enemy in strategic, operational, and tactical terms, importantly contributing to the success of Nguyen Hue Campaign in the Strategic Offensive 1972, opening a new stage for the resistance war against the U.S. imperialists, forcing them to negotiate to end the war in Vietnam.

Translated by Mai Huong