This auction was organized in compliance with the ministry's regulation on band planning for Vietnam’s International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) system, which is a key part of the Government’s policy on commercializing 5G services.

MobiFone wins 5G spectrum auction. (Photo:

MobiFone is the third mobile network operator to successfully bid for the 5G spectrum in Vietnam, following Viettel and VNPT VinaPhone.

The company has been actively involved in 5G testing across the country, gathering valuable data to evaluate and build plans for future network expansion since this is a critical point in MobiFone’s development strategy to 2034 – transforming from a traditional telecommunications service provider to a leading technology corporation in Vietnam.

In 2024, with the right to use the C3 radio frequency band, MobiFone will be able to accelerate the commercialization of 5G services nationwide, especially in major cities, airports, tourist destinations, and industrial zones.

The company will simultaneously adopt an infrastructure sharing model with other 5G network operators that possess suitable bands to optimize their resources and provide customers with the best possible 5G experience.

Source: VNA