In the first team, Nguyen Phuong Linh and Phan Le Duc Phat, both 8th graders, won gold prize for their “Smart helmet” product which helps improve safety for motorcycle riders; while in the second, Le Khanh Thuy and Phan Le Tue Minh, both 7th graders, won gold prize for their “Smart dog collar” product which helps track the pet’s activities and safety.

Ngo Si Lien Secondary School's students win high prizes at Japan expo.

The two products have been copyrighted and they also received other special prizes at the expo, including an international special Sakura prize for the “Smart helmet” and a special prize of the China’s Hongkong science association for “Smart dog collar.”

Held by the World Invention Intellectual Property Associations (Wiipa) from July 5-7, this year's contest attracted 343 entries from 25 different countries and territories such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia.

Source: VNA