PANO - Fishing Ship BV99615TS was rescued on May 22nd at about 93 nautical miles in the southeast of Vung Tau Beach, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province.

(Photo for illustration)

The ship with 10 men on board went adrift due to engine failure. After receiving the news, the Department of Search and Rescue, under the Office of National Committee for Search and Rescue, asked the Vietnam Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Centre (VMRCC) to notify other vessels in the area and to keep in touch with the distressed ship. The distressed ship's broken engine was then fixed and it returned to shore safely.

In other news, due to a broken rudder, fishing ship DNa 90043TS could not be controlled properly at about 315 nautical miles off the northeast of Da Nang City on May 21st. Recognizing the situation, the Department of Search and Rescue asked functional units in the area to send Marine Notice to call help for the distressed ship. The distressed ship was then towed ashore safely by Ship DNa 90340TS.

Translated by Anh Tien