From Vietnam's experience over the past time, the ambassador said that a strong commitment to climate change response should come from a long-term vision, through an approach that puts people at the center and is also mastered by them, good governance, and strengthening international cooperation for financial mobilization and technology transfer, capacity building and mitigation of climate change impacts.

Ambassador Dang Hoang Giang, Vietnam’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations (right) 

He also shared his concern about the slow progress of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Asia-Pacific region due to the impact of the multi-dimensional crisis, and stressed the need for a new approach and to seek feasible measures in the near future.

Kanni Wignaraja, U.N. Assistant Secretary-General and Assistant Administrator and Director of the Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific of the UNDP, appreciated Vietnam's consistent policy and commitment to climate change response in general and energy transition in particular.

At the dialogue, delegates agreed that global challenges such as epidemics, conflicts, and economic, food and energy crises have negatively affected the implementation of the SDGs, economic recovery and climate change response in the region.

They also exchanged views on challenges and measures to promote climate action and energy transition in the context of having to simultaneously respond to many urgent risks, towards achieving the SDGs.

Source: VNA