Accordingly, aviation security control measures will be enhanced at all units in the sector, including airport authorities, airports, aviation service providers, air traffic service suppliers, Vietnamese airlines, and foreign carriers operating in Vietnam.

Aviation security control to be raised to Level 1 before, during and after the 13th National Party Congress. Photo: vnexpress

They will have to increase personnel for aviation security control; examine and supplement equipment, weapons, and support tools; and thoroughly prepare response plans for any circumstance.

In particular, relevant forces will apply various security control measures such as increasing visual inspection, random check, and screening by explosive detection devices so as to opportunely uncover abnormal acts and prevent unexpected incidents, thus ensuring absolute aviation security and safety during the 13th National Party Congress.

The 13th National Party Congress is scheduled to take place in Hanoi from January 25 to February 2.

Under current regulations, when there are high risks to aviation security, security control measures will be tightened according to three levels.

Level 1 is applied in case of nationally important socio-political events or complicated situation of political security and social order.

Source: VNA