National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue speaking at the event

The SAV needs to soon draw up a plan to implement the State audit strategy by 2030 and continuously enhance transparency and professionalism in its activities, he said.

The top legislator also urged the SAV to review the enforcement of the law amending and supplementing some articles of the State Audit Law recently approved by the legislature, especial stipulations relating to its functions and tasks.

The focus of the year 2022 will be on supreme supervision of thrift practice and anti-wastefulness, he said, requesting the agency to pay due heed to fiscal, monetary and trade policies.

The leader lauded the SAV’s role in fostering thrift practice and anti-wastefulness, and the effective use of public assets and funding since its inception 27 years ago.

Auditor General Tran Sy Thanh reported that so far this year, the SAV has completed 91 audits and proposed financial measures related to 50.87 trillion VND (2.23 billion USD), including collecting an additional 6.65 trillion VND to the State budget and reducing budget spending by 5.79 trillion VND.

At the meeting

The agency also proposed scrapping, amending, supplementing and issuing 67 legal documents, helping to deal with loopholes in mechanisms and policies to prevent losses and wastefulness, he said.

Source: VNA