The forum, which was held on the occasion of the late leader’s 133rd birth anniversary, aims to raise diplomats’ awareness of his thought on diplomacy - a valuable guideline for the diplomatic sector.

At the event, delegates discussed President Ho Chi Minh’s diplomatic style, method and art from different aspects and proposed ideas to apply them in implementing the Party’s external policy.

An overview of the forum

Former Deputy Prime Minister Vu Khoan emphasized four characteristics of the Ho Chi Minh diplomacy, which are steadfast in goal, amicable in nature, flexible in action, and humane in personality and behavior.

Meanwhile, four areas that need to be researched and applied in the diplomatic profession are forecasting and research, handling of diplomatic crises; diplomatic communication, and lifelong learning, he added.

Concluding the forum, Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son stressed the need to apply President Ho Chi Minh's thought on diplomacy in foreign affairs, firstly in researching, forecasting and giving strategic advice to maintain the activeness in the complicatedly changing context of the world situation.

Source: VNA