The editorial teams have the function of assisting sub-committees in compiling draft documents to be submitted to the 14th National Party Congress.

PM works with editorial teams of 14th National Party Congress’s subcommittees. 

At the meeting, participants discussed several important issues expected to be included in the political report and the socio-economic report to ensure consistency between those two documents.

The focus of discussion was on assessing the five-year implementation of the Socio-Economic Development Strategy for the 2021-2030 period, and viewpoints, development goals and main tasks and solutions for the next five-year period.

PM Chinh, who is head of the Subcommittee in charge of socio-economic affairs, requested the editorial teams, in the process of making the reports, to supplement and complete the essential points of the road to socialism in the coming period, with focus on economic goals, scenarios, tasks, and solutions.

Regarding solutions, the Government leader stressed the need to continue to renew conventional growth drivers and drastically implement new growth drivers such as green growth, digital transformation, green transition, circular economy, knowledge economy, and sharing economy.

Source: VNA