The document said in recent times, the VFF has continued to assert its position and role in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the people. It focuses on promoting people's rights and mobilizing their participation in patriotic movements, engaging in social supervision and criticism, combating corruption and negative phenomena, and participating in building a clean and strong Party and political system.

The Vietnam Fatherland Front’s 9th National Congress

These efforts have contributed to strengthening the people's trust in the Party and harnessing the power of the great national solidarity bloc in the cause of national construction and defense.

The upcoming congresses will be important political events for the VFF and people from all walks of life, the directive stressed.

According to the directive, the Party Secretariat requests the Party committees and organizations at all levels to concentrate on directing the implementation of tasks related to the preparation for and the organization of the events.

The Party Central Committee's Commission for Information and Education in coordination with the VFF’s Party delegation will strengthen the direction and guidance for the communication work before, during, and after the congress.

The Party and Government’s Party Civil Affairs Committees are responsible for directing the authorities at all levels and relevant sectors to coordinate and create favorable conditions for the VFF at all levels to organize the congresses on schedule in an economical and practical manner.

The congresses at the provincial, district and communal levels will be completed in August, June, and April 2024, respectively, while the VFF’s 10th National Congress will take place in October next year.   

The Party Central Committee's Commission for Mass Mobilization in coordination with the VFF’s Party Delegation, the Party committees, and Party Central Committee’s Office will assist the Party Secretariat in monitoring the implementation of this directive.

Source: VNA