N.A. Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue will chair the event. (Photo: vtv.vn)

According to the N.A. Office, the seminar will focus on assessing the developments of the global financial, investment, and trade in 2021 and the latest developments of the world economy, and forecast the impact on Vietnam. The evaluation of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the country's socio-economic situation, the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination strategy, lessons learned in policy promulgation, recommendations and solutions for Vietnam from now until the end of the year and the following years of the 15th National Assembly will also be tabled for discussion.

This is the first consultation of the 15th National Assembly. The N.A.’s Office said the event is very important, even though it won't be held on a large scale due to the pandemic, adding that it is a part of the annual socio-economic forum of the N.A.

The forum will contribute to gathering the wisdom of not only N.A. deputies but also a network of leading domestic experts, scientists, and managers as well as those from international organizations; forming quality practical scientific arguments, which are important inputs for the N.A. and the Government to consult in making reports on the implementation of the N.A.’s resolutions and other functions and duties as prescribed by law. It will attract the attention and supervision of the people and voters on matters of public concern, it said.

Source: VNA