Secretary of the Central Public Security Party Committee and Minister of Public Security General To Lam underlined that law building and institution completion have been one of the major tasks of the committee and ministry.

At the meeting

During the 14th N.A., the ministry built and submitted 13 laws and resolutions to the legislative body. At the upcoming third plenary session of the 15th N.A., the ministry will submit to the legislature a draft Law on Mobile Police, a draft Resolution on a pilot model of organizing working, career consultation and vocational training activities for inmates outside the prison, a draft revised Law on Road Traffic Order and Safety, and a draft law on forces engaging in security and order protection at the grassroots level, said Lam.

He said that the ministry has drastically implemented resolutions of the N.A. and its Standing Committee, including Resolution No.96/2019/QH14 on combating criminals and law violations.

The ministry has also coordinated closely with N.A. agencies. It has signed three coordination regulations with the N.A.'s Council for Ethnic Affairs, Committee for Defense and Security, and Office, while working closely with other N.A. agencies in law building and supervision activities.

Lam proposed that in the time to come, the Party Delegation to the N.A. and N.A. Standing Committee continue to strengthen the leadership and directions over the building and completion of laws related to security and order, thus creating a full and coherent legal corridor for the protection of national security and crime prevention and fight in the new situation.

Addressing the session, N.A. Chairman Hue said that the N.A. has worked to ensure the close coordination between defence-security protection and socio-economic development. He highlighted the significant role of the public security force to the country, saying that the Ministry of Public Security should coordinate closely with N.A. agencies to make careful preparations for the draft laws, ordinances and resolutions to be submitted to the N.A. and its Standing Committee with the highest quality.

He hailed the positive contributions by the Ministry of Public Security to the N.A. operations.

The Party Delegation to the N.A. and the Central Public Security Party Committee agreed to issue their coordination regulations to enhance the efficiency of their cooperation so as to meet the requirements of reality.

Both sides will work more closely together in information exchange to efficiently serve the law building and supreme supervision activities and during the deciding of important issues, external relations activities of the N.A. and the task performance of the Ministry of Public Security.

Source: VNA