Speaking at the event, Chairman of the N.A.’s Economic Committee Vu Hong Thanh suggested the Government persist in achieving macroeconomic stability, controlling inflation, strengthening the adaptive and resilient capacity of the financial and banking system, adopt synchronous measures to tackle difficulties in the financial, monetary, corporate bond and real estate markets.

Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung speaks at the event.

He also proposed directing monetary policies proactively, flexibly and effectively while combining closely with other fiscal and macroeconomic policies, accelerating the disbursement of public investment capital, promoting exports and diversifying export markets.

Concluding the event, N.A. Vice Chairman Tran Thanh Man said the N.A. Standing Committee basically agreed with the Government’s report.

He asked the Government to clarify the causes of existing shortcomings in socio-economic development and the responsibility of relevant agencies and individuals.

Man also urged stepping up the disbursement of capital especially for the three national target programs, major and important national projects, along with inter-regional connectivity, climate change adaptation and urgent local projects.

According to the N.A. Vice Chairman, policies should be put in place to ensure a balance between supply and demand, and to stabilize commodity prices. A comprehensive review of laws, regulations, decrees, and circulars should also be carried out to identify and promptly resolve any issues. The role of the State Audit Office of Vietnam in inspecting and supervising the management and use of public finances and assets should be strengthened.

Man asked the Government to take into account the opinions of the N.A. Standing Committee, N.A. Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue to complete and submit a report to the 15th N.A.’s fifth session.

According to the Government's report, the country's economic growth in Q1/2023 was estimated at 3.32%, lower than 5.6% set in the Resolution No.01/NQ-CP. Slowdown was also recorded in industry - construction, exports-imports and FDI attraction.

Source: VNA