At a group discussion

Speaking at the event, President To Lam said the world leaders hold Vietnamese guard force in high regard. The proposed amendments aim to refine the existing law and ensure it aligns with current practical needs.

He urged the drafting body to continue perfecting the bill before submitting it to the legislature for approval.

Deputy Le Nhat Thanh from Hanoi proposed to list highly lethal knives in the group of rudimentary weapons, when used for the purpose of harming human life and health.

He cited a report by the Ministry of Public Security, revealing that over 16,000 cases involving roughly 26,000 individuals using knives and similar instruments for criminal activities were apprehended nationwide over the past five years.

Deputy Nguyen Van Thuan from Can Tho city said it is necessary to include highly lethal knives in the category of rudimentary weapons. He pointed out that these dangerous blades, produced and sold by businesses and individuals, lack sufficient government control. The easy purchase or self-manufacturing of such knives poses a significant threat to public safety and security.

Vice Chairman of the N.A. Committee for National Defense and Security Nguyen Minh Duc emphasized the need for further research to define the concept of "weapons" more precisely. This refined definition, he argued, would allow for a more accurate categorization encompassing all weapons capable of endangering human life.

Source: VNA