Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh

Presenting the proposal as part of the 15th NA’s ongoing first session, the PM said the 14th Government’s structure of 18 ministries and four ministerial-level followed a multi-sector and multi-aspect model whose management scale has been gradually improved be fully functioning across sectors, in contribution to the realization of goals set by the 12th National Party Congress’s Resolution.

Based on activities in the past tenure, the structure could be said as being consolidated in accordance with the Party's guidelines and the NA’s resolution, he added.

He stated that applying the organizational structure of the 13th tenure to the 14th tenure had created conditions for the Government to effectively perform the constitutional role of the highest state administrative body, exercise its executive power, and act as the executive authority of the NA.

According to the PM, functions, tasks and power of ministries and ministerial-level agencies have been supplemented and improved; their apparatuses have also been gradually streamlined for better efficiency.

Source: VNA