In the morning, they adopted resolutions on the election of NA Secretary General, Chairperson of the Council for Ethnic Affairs, heads of NA Committee, and State Auditor General.

Bui Van Cuong, member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary General of the 14th NA, continues to hold the post of the NA Secretary General in the 15th tenure.

Lawmakers scrutinize many crucial matters at a plenary session in Hanoi on July 21. 

Y Thanh Ha Nie Kdam, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Central Enterprises Bloc, was elected as Chairman of the Council for Ethnic Affairs.

Tran Sy Thanh, member of the Party Central Committee, was re-elected as the State Auditor General.

During the debate on the NA’s supervision program for 2022, many legislators suggested the NA Standing Committee put forth a project on renewing supervision activities.

Competent agencies should raise more initiatives to contribute to improving the quality and efficiency of such activities, they said.

For the law-building program, some pointed out the need to build up legal mechanisms to promote the responsibility of individuals in preparing and submitting draft laws to the legislature, in order to revamp the work.

Source: VNA