Such comments were based on inaccurate information and failed to reflect the reality in the country, Hang said while responding to a reporter's query about the report at the ministry’s regular press conference.

"We have on numerous occasions stated that the protection and promotion of human rights is a consistent policy of the State of Vietnam," she said.

Spokeswoman of the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pham Thu Hang

Vietnam always considers people the center and the driver of the Doi moi (renewal) process and the cause of socio-economic development, Hang noted, adding the country is constantly making efforts to improve people’s living standards and their rights to enjoyment.

"The basic rights and freedom of humans are acknowledged in the Constitution and law of Vietnam, and ensured and respected in reality," the spokesperson continued.

Hang stressed that Vietnam’s efforts and achievements in ensuring human rights have been widely recognized and appreciated by the international community.

According to the diplomat, the comprehensive cooperation and partnership between Vietnam and the E.U. is flourishing and Vietnam stands ready to cooperate with the E.U. in issues pertaining to human rights in the spirit of openness and respect in order to enhance mutual understanding through annual dialogues and other bilateral mechanisms.

"We believe that the promotion of discussions and dialogues through existing cooperation mechanisms will help the E.U. have full objective information and understand more rightly the protection and promotion of human rights in Vietnam, thus contributing to the enhancement of the Vietnam - E.U. relations," Hang said.

Source: VNA