According to the scholar, also Vice President of the Cuba – Vietnam Friendship Association, the congress fulfilled its agenda despite ending one day earlier than schedule. Vietnam also promptly activated its COVID-19 prevention and control mechanisms at national level.

Cuban expert Ruvislei González Sáez

The pandemic challenge showed the ruling party’s mettle and outstanding leadership when the country was among top nations worldwide in combating COVID-19 and achieved impressive growth in 2020, the expert noted.

He said the congress, closely observed by international community, took place following a large-scale collective consultation, helping the CPV attract feedback from not only its members but also former leaders, experts, and people from all walks of life in the country and overseas.

He highlighted the Party’s leadership and close monitoring have contributed to improving local living standards via poverty reduction, job creation, electrification, and technological development, among others.

The expert said the outcomes of the congress’s election demonstrated that the CPV does not depend on rigid stereotypes but moves according to the national interests and progresses in specific circumstances.

Source: VNA