In an interview recently granted to the Vietnam News Agency (VNA), Perojo attributed Vietnam’s successful control of COVID-19 to the brainpower of the Party, drastic actions of authorities at all levels to protect people’s health, proper measures promptly adopted by the Government for each period, collaboration between the State and ministries and agencies, as well as coordination of the entire society in the fight against the pandemic.

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She said Vietnam also offered medical supplies and financial aid to over 50 countries and international organisations, including developed nations. She also spoke highly of the efficiency of COVID-19 testing kits manufactured by Vietnam.

According to her, Vietnam’s capacity was also demonstrated in the design of mobile phone apps to make it easier to trace down COVID-19 infection and high-risk cases, as well as collect public health information on a large scale.

She added that Vietnam’s successes was also highlighted on the mass media in the US, Russia and Germany. Public opinion polls showed the high public trust n the Vietnamese Government. Many foreign organisations and world leaders congratulated Vietnam on its achievements in the fight.

With the dual goal of combating the pandemic and restoring the economy, Vietnam closed the year 2020 with an economic growth rate of 2.91 percent – listed among the countries with highest growth rate worldwide, and a trade surplus of over 19 trillion USD, she said.

Under the CPV’s leadership, Vietnam also stepped up economic integration and fulfilled its role in promoting peace and multilateralisation of ties worldwide. The year 2020 was also a success in the country’s foreign policy in its capacity as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and the ASEAN Chair.

She expressed her belief that the CPV will lead the country towards new successes in the future.

She spoke highly of preparations for the upcoming 13th National Party Congress from the grassroots level, including documents to be submitted to the event.

She said it is an undeniable success that Vietnam could gather a large-scale Congress with over 1,500 delegates taking part amid complicated developments of the pandemic worldwide at present. Diplomats and representatives from international organisations in Vietnam will be honoured to witness this important political event and are satisfied about living in one of the most successful countries in the fight against COVID-19.

She also highlighted the CPV’s determination in promoting the fourth Industrial Revolution and e-Government, adopting technological advances to make the country strong in information technology in the region in the future.

In her view, the CPV will continue ensuring progresses in social welfare, health care, education-training, science and technology, natural resources protection and environment, culture and human values.

On the occasion, Perojo also wished that the 13th National Party Congress will be a success and sent New Year wishes to the Vietnamese people.

Choosing a broad canopy Nhat Tan peach tree with many flower buds and young buds, Thieu Chi Huynh, a worker from the Vinh Yen city in Vinh Phuc's province, said: “Last year I bought a peach tree here and it was beautiful until a month later. Peach trees here have very high quality”.

Next to Nhat Tan village, Tu Lien kumquat village is also bustling with customers. Besides traditional kumquat pots, this year, artisans of the village have many unique ideas about the shape of a buffalo for the year of Tan Suu – the year of buffalo.

According to some garden owners, the bonsai kumquat pots shaped like the back of a buffalo have many special meanings. A golden buffalo symbolizes the desire for health and prosperity. The buffalo is an inheritance, strong and hard-working, so it symbolizes the desire to have health, fortune and prosperity in the new year.

Not only in Hanoi, but kumquat tree growers in many provinces and cities are also busy pruning the leaves and beautifying the trees. The work of nurturing the lush trees so that the fruits are ripe and flowering on the occasion of Tet holiday requires a lot of care.

With the creativity of gardeners, kumquats and peach trees in Tet holiday in more and more shapes are available, meeting the high and diverse demands of the people, bringing bright and radiant spring colors to everyone.

Source: VNA